Curiosk launches wine info kiosk in downtown Toronto retailer

TORONTO Curiosk Marketing Solutions, Inc. launched its innovative new in-store, touch-screen wine information kiosk at the Wine Rack in downtown Toronto. Curiosk displays product information after a customer scans a wine bottle’s bar code and allows customers to create personalized greeting cards designed to fit over the neck of the bottle at the cost of $2.95.

“Curiosk was created with the mission of bringing a value-added sollution to North American wine retailers,” said Weinberg. “Our concept is innovative and informative, creative and convenient—four attributes brought together to let customers make a better and more convenient purchase. I am confident that customers, retailers and wineries will enjoy the Curiosk experience.”

The Curiosk kiosk will be available at other leading retailers in Canada and the United States by the end of 2007. 

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