Curel Skincare, health expert Bob Greene partner for diabetes awareness

NEW YORK — To help educate the public on diabetes prevention and management, health-and-wellness expert Bob Greene is partnering with Curel Skincare throughout the month of November.

As the best-selling author of The Best Life Guide to Managing Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes, the manufacturer stated that Greene is a natural partner for Curel Skincare, an official sponsor of Stop Diabetes and the American Diabetes Association.

Curel Skincare strives to help Americans alleviate the uncomfortable side effects of diabetes — specifically dry, itchy skin that is vulnerable to infections. Dermatologist-recommend Curel Intensive Healing Cream to soothe and treat even the driest skin, providing immediate hydration and long-lasting relief to Americans with diabetes-related skin disorders, the company stated.

In conjunction with Curel Skincare, Greene hopes to raise awareness about this epidemic and provide support for those who suffer from diabetes by offering his professional advice on everything from diabetes-related skin disorders to fun fitness solutions.

Some of Greene's expert tips for living well with diabetes include:

  • Don't feel like you have to face diabetes alone. Many Americans have the disease, and there are many health care professionals and websites at your disposal;
  • Go shopping for a new pair of sneakers. You might find you have some discomfort in your feet, which can be a result of poor circulation. A comfy pair of kicks will not only make you feel better, but encourage you to get outside and go for a walk — and exercising is a true mood booster and a fun activity to share with friends;
  • Care for your skin. Take control of diabetes-related dry skin by taking a few minutes out of your day to moisturize. A cream like Curel Intensive Healing Cream will soothe skin while strengthening your skin's barrier (and protecting you from future infection); and
  • Find a partner in crime. It's hard to break poor eating habits. Find a spouse, friend or family member who also wants to change their lifestyle and eat better.


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