Cub Foods, Holiday get motors running with fuel rewards program

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Supervalu banner Cub Foods and Holiday Cos. have introduced a new fuel rewards program whereby Cub Foods customers can save at Holiday station stores.

Cub Foods said that through this new program, its customers can earn 5 cents off per gallon of gas for every $50 in qualifying purchases (up to a maximum of 25 cents off in a single transaction) at participating stores. Customers may redeem a combined total of up to three gas rewards coupons in one fuel purchase at most Holiday station stores, Cub Foods and Holiday said. The companies also noted that each gas rewards coupon expires 21 days from date of issuance, the discounted fuel volume limit is 15 gallons and the discount must be used on one vehicle per transaction.

“Cub Foods has partnered with Holiday in the past on a popular Gas Rewards program,” Cub Foods president Keith Wyche said. “We know that consumers need to eat and they need to fill their cars up with gas, and we’re very excited to once again bring our customers an opportunity to save money on their fuel purchases at Holiday just for shopping our grocery stores.”

Available at 63 Cub Foods locations in Minnesota, the gas rewards program with Holiday can be redeemed at the more than 175 Twin Cities Holiday locations or at any of the 450 Holidays across the Upper Midwest. For details and exclusions, click here.


- 8:02 AM
joshua235 says

How did the reward program worked? The saved amount seems extremely small to me, I doubt people were more likely to fuel their vehicles there just because they could get the reward. Usually I am all for deals, I even bought ebc brake pads online because I knew I would get a better price, but the offer is not strong enough to make me get there and get what I need.

- 3:45 AM
JasmineD says

This type of loyalty partnership is a “double-dip” for the consumer as they save on both grocery and gas purchases. By providing the opportunity, the retailers win too by driving grocery customers to the gas station and then back to the grocery store to earn more savings. It is one more way to keep customers active and engaged and feeling rewarded for their loyalty. Read more here

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