Cub Foods addresses gluten allergies with diet management program

STILLWATER, Minn. Supervalu's Cub Foods is looking to help customers with gluten sensitivity with the launch of a new, informative diet management program at its stores located in Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Developed by Supervalu's health-and-wellness team and dietitians, the program will roll out in phases over the next three months. The program will present in-store signage about gluten-free foods in Cub Foods stores -- as well as in Supervalu's family of other stores -- and also will feature gluten-free shopping lists and guides. In addition to recipes, more extensive gluten-free shopping lists and snack and meal solutions will be available on the stores’ websites.

The new program builds on Supervalu's Nutrition iQ program, an in-store nutrition ratings system to help customers identify healthy food choices.

“For people suffering from gluten intolerance, eating foods with gluten causes inflammation and damage to the lining of the small intestine, which can result in nutrients passing through the body without being absorbed. This may contribute to other health concerns, including malnutrition, some types of cancers and a variety of autoimmune diseases,” said Anthony Provenzano, Supervalu pharmacy director of clinical programs. “As a whole, the U.S. population is seeing an uptick in gluten intolerance, and there are many more people who have it — but don’t know it. This program is designed to help people manage a gluten-free diet and hopefully encourage others to seek advice from a healthcare professional about a possible sensitivity to gluten.”

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