CRN publishes third edition of its “Vitamin and Mineral Safety” handbook

WASHINGTON — The Council for Responsible Nutrition last week published the third edition of its “Vitamin and Mineral Safety” handbook. This publication provides science-based recommendations for establishing Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for supplemental sources of nutrients.

“Nutrition scientists and policy makers all over the world are concerned about nutrient deficiencies, or not getting enough of essential nutrients, but in well-nourished societies there is an equal concern regarding over-ingesting these nutrients at levels that may be harmful," stated Jim Griffiths, VP scientific and international affairs CRN. "One of the great values of this book is that it corroborates the need for scientifically based information on how much is too much. Then it evaluates that science and makes appropriate recommendations.” 

Consumers take dietary supplements as part of their efforts to maintain their health and help prevent disease, and often go beyond RDA levels to achieve specific health benefits, CRN noted. The combination of dietary intakes plus supplementation raises potential concerns for over-nutrification, but science-based ULs can address those concerns. The upper limits examined in CRN’s new edition of “Vitamin and Mineral Safety” factor in dietary intake and are based on risk assessment principles, providing a framework for guiding consumers, formulators and regulators, and a useful reference to what are safe levels of supplemental nutrient intake. 

The publication is being revised and updated chapter-by-chapter, re-evaluating and including the latest science. This third edition will focus on the same 28 previously evaluated nutrients: 14 vitamins, four minerals and 10 trace elements, each re-examined with the addition of appropriate new references as needed. The first set of updated chapters now available includes: folic acid; iron; niacin; selenium; and vitamin E. More will follow each month and CRN anticipates that the book will be completely updated by the end of 2013.

John Hathcock, former CRN scientist and current CRN consultant, is authoring this third edition. He has worked in concert with CRN’s scientific staff to ensure the publication includes the latest scientific studies critical to making the evaluations and recommendations for appropriate ULs. CRN’s Duffy MacKay, VP scientific and regulatory affairs, served as editor.

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