CRN participates in DSN's Pharmacist Society

WASHINGTON — The Council for Responsible Nutrition announced a partnership with Drug Store News to provide content about the dietary supplement industry to thousands of pharmacists participating in the media company’s new professional networking website.

CRN said its partnership with DSN's Pharmacist Society — an online community that enables its users easy access to information most relevant to pharmacists — will continue to make the site a place for healthcare professionals to share ideas and network with their colleagues and companies in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.

“I am pleased that CRN is being given this unique opportunity to participate in this forward-thinking venture with Drug Store News,” said Steve Mister, CRN president and CEO. “In an era of social networking, this online community provides CRN with the versatility needed to effectively reach pharmacists with useful and timely information on supplement regulation, as well as the beneficial role dietary supplements play in wellness. We hope that our member companies — and other responsible companies in the supplement industry — will consider participation in Pharmacist Society.”

“We’re excited to join with CRN in our new endeavor," said Wayne Bennett, publisher for The Drug Store News Group. "CRN is a scientifically credible and compelling voice for the supplement industry, and access to [its] scientific and regulatory experts will be beneficial for pharmacists."

“Based on our previous partnerships with CRN in providing continuing education for pharmacists, we know of [the organization's] appreciation for this important audience," Bennett continued. "This new project gives CRN — and dietary supplement industry companies — the opportunity to disseminate information to a healthcare professional community that is eager to learn more about supplements. CRN will be able to reach out to thousands of pharmacists around the country within a closed loop environment. This vast network includes retail pharmacists at large national drug store chains, pharmacy faculty and students at pharmacy schools and universities. We expect it to grow tremendously in the coming months. CRN will be a fantastic addition to our network.”

Pharmacist Society launched Nov. 1, 2010, and features many useful applications, including:

  • The ability to post news and press releases;

  • A message board area to start conversations on topics of interest; and

  • A section where users can conduct online polls and even have the ability to host online webcam chats and webinars.


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