CRN, NPA bring Congress up to speed around value of dietary supplement industry

WASHINGTON — The Council for Responsible Nutrition and the Natural Products Association on Wednesday announced they have met with the entire freshman class of the 113th Congress, including 83 offices in the House of Representatives and 14 offices in the Senate, as part of their educational efforts to ensure that newly elected members of Congress have accurate information about dietary supplements and their role in good health. 

In meeting with the new members of Congress, the two associations focused on why the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act is the appropriate regulation for the supplement industry, providing the Food and Drug Administration with enforcement tools to protect consumers while still allowing for access to a wide variety of safe and beneficial products. Additionally, the CRN and NPA team talked about the value that supplements provide for overall health and wellness, as well as the industry’s contributions to healthcare cost savings and the economy. 

“Education is a key priority for our industry. There are very few legislators remaining in Congress who were here when DSHEA passed, and even fewer congressional staffers," observed Mike Green VP government relations, CRN. "In addition, freshman members of Congress are challenged to quickly learn about many industries and even more complex issues associated with those industries, and we want to make ourselves available as a resource for the dietary supplement industry and provide assistance with our issues in any way we can."

“We anticipate that the remainder of 2013 will bring several more regulatory and legislative challenges for the industry," added Liz Hurst, director government relations NPA. "Taking the time to sit down with each new member of Congress helps ensure that any legislation affecting the dietary supplement industry will be decided on by informed elected representatives.” 

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