CRN: Importance of vitamin D supplementation gaining credence

WASHINGTON — The Council for Responsible Nutrition on Tuesday noted that the importance of vitamin D continues to be recognized by leading researchers. 

“The body of scientific research demonstrating beneficial results for vitamin D has grown in recent years," commented CRN SVP scientific and regulatory affairs Duffy MacKay. "We know that vitamin D is a critical conduit for multiple physiological bodily functions, as well as a tool for helping calcium absorption, which is essential to building strong bones," he said. "Now, a new systematic review and meta-analysis [recently published in the British Medical Journal] finds vitamin D supplementation may also play a significant role in reducing the risk of mortality, particularly in older adults."

Another meta-analysis published in the journal recognized a "suggestive" link between vitamin D supplementation and various conditions and recommended further research be done. "There are very few things that provide clear cut scientific evidence when you’re talking about chronic disease, and if adding a simple vitamin D supplement might provide even probable benefits in this area — as one of a host of healthy habits — we should encourage that step." 

The importance of vitamin D continues to be recognized by the scientific, medical and even regulatory communities, CRN noted. In its latest review of vitamin D, the Institute of Medicine raised the recommended levels for vitamin D. And last month, in a recently released proposed rule from the Food and Drug Administration on nutrition and supplements facts labels, the agency identified vitamin D as a ‘nutrient of public health significance,’ advising that vitamin D content be listed on food labels. 



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