CRN: Consumer Reports corrects article on vitamin D

WASHINGTON — Consumer Reports recently corrected a story to run in its May issue, titled “Vitamin D: How 32 supplements really measure up," that erroneously identified nine vitamin D/calcium supplement products that the publication claimed exceeded the California Proposition 65 Lead Limit for Reproductive Risk.

The story has been corrected online and now states that “All [of the adult calcium plus Vitamin D supplement products tested] met our quality criteria, which includes meeting label claims of calcium and vitamin D, passing USP dissolution test and not exceeding USP limits for heavy metals.”

“We believe this was an honest mistake by the publication, as the settlement agreements with the State of California are not available on either the California Attorney General’s website or the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s website, and we were glad to see the correction," noted Steve Mister, president and CEO for the Council for Responsible Nutrition, in a release last week. “As importantly as the explanation that the companies were not breaking the law is the fact that consumers need to be reassured that the lead levels do not pose a safety risk."

Even before the correction, the article overall provided positive news for vitamin D and calcium supplement users, Mister noted. 




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