CRN announces monthly blog

WASHINGTON — The Council for Responsible Nutrition on Friday announced a partnership with New Hope Natural Media’s NPIcenter, in which CRN will provide a monthly blog commentary posted on the supplement industry website,, as well as on the newly launched

Beginning Jan. 10, the CRN blog will run on Mondays once a month, and will be promoted in both the daily NPIcenter newsletter, as well as through an e-mail blast to CRN member companies. The blog will be written by CRN experts, with president and CEO Steve Mister writing once every other month and alternating with CRN’s Judy Blatman, Mike Greene, John Hathcock, Duffy MacKay and Andrew Shao.

CRN’s blog, “Around the Table” — previously posted for CRN member companies on the association’s members-only website — provides readers with food for thought on current issues impacting the dietary supplement industry. The blog’s thought-provoking commentary has spanned legislative, regulatory, scientific, international and media-related affairs since it launched in May 2009, and offers perspectives for addressing the issues affecting the supplement industry.

“NPIcenter is such a widely recognized, highly popular and trusted information source for dietary supplement industry news,” Mister said. “CRN is delighted to have the opportunity to broaden our reach across the industry by having our blog publicly available through NPIcenter.”

In addition to CRN’s new regular spot in the NPIcenter lineup, the NPIcenter website regularly features guest blogs from a variety of industry leaders and commentators. NPIcenter is a CRN associate member company and, as part of New Hope Natural Media, contributes to the CRN Foundation’s “Life…supplemented” consumer wellness program.

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