CPGs face Feb. deadline for conformance certificates

ALEXANDRIA, Va. —The deadline for compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (2008) is fast approaching. By Feb. 10, all affected products must be accompanied by certificates of conformance, either in paper or electronic form, stating that the product has been tested and meets appropriate standards.

The challenge is being able to produce those certificates for the more than 20,000 SKUs falling under this act that a typical stand-alone pharmacy carries—and all within a 24-hour period. And for many of those SKUs, there may be two certificates: one for the product itself and one for the packaging.

The impact may be felt most across smaller or regional manufacturers. “Think about the [company] that prints T-shirts for the local high school because they won a championship, and every local retailer wants to sell it,” suggested Steve Perlowski, NACDS VP member relations and industry affairs. “The ink they use for that T-shirt has to be tested now, and they have to provide a certificate to the retailer.”

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores has partnered with RollStream on a networked solution—a clearinghouse of sorts for those certificates of conformance—and has scheduled two webinars in an effort to drive awareness around the program. One was held Jan. 6, and the other is being held Jan. 13. For more information, nacds.org/wmspage.cfm?parm1=6694.

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