reveals dramatic rise of digital coupons

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. Digital coupons grew 100% in the 12-month period ended June 30, reported Monday.

Printed savings from and the digital network for the 12 months ended in June exceeded $1 billion, including savings printed or loaded to a store loyalty card and represents a 100% increase, compared with $529 million the year before -- caused by such factors as an increase of mobile coupon adoption by brand marketers and the consumer adoption of online printable coupons, save-to-store loyalty cards and mobile coupons.

Among category savings for the first half of 2010, ready-to-eat cereal was the most popular category for both online printable and coupons accessed via mobile apps, and was the 7th most popular category for coupons saved to loyalty cards. Dairy and eggs was the top category for save to card coupons. The deeper variance in the top categories for save to card coupons compared with the other two lists is attributed to the fact that brands geo-target campaigns to areas where local supermarkets carry their products which results in a different set of coupons available for consumer selection, explained.

In related news, reported that the state of Georgia was the most digital coupon-savvy with the most downloaded mobile coupon apps and overall use of digital coupons.

“Consumers continue to crave savings, and more and more of them are tapping digital coupons as an important part of their savings strategy,” said Steven Boal, CEO of “We expect more brands and more consumers to increasingly adopt digital coupons, and we foresee substantial growth across the entire digital domain — with particular growth within social media and mobile environments.”

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