Coty adds Home Skin Lab to its portfolio

PARIS A division of beauty and fashion giant Coty will add another brand to its portfolio, the company has announced.

On Friday, Coty Prestige introduced Home Skin Lab by the Dr Pastorek Institute, a brand inspired by plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Pastorek.

“Given Dr. Pastorek’s experience and the utmost respect he and his wife have earned throughout the medical community, Coty could not have partnered with a more appropriate team to create top-of the line Skin care products,” said Michele Scannavini, President, Coty Prestige.

The product is available in five protocols, each comprising a 28-day treatment: Ageless, which guards against the signs of aging; Wrink’less, which reduces wrinkes; Firmness, which increases skin density; Brightness, to improve dull complexions; and Pureness, which reduces skin oils.

“Home Skin Lab by Dr Pastorek Institute is an opportunity for Coty Prestige to enter the cosmeceutical segment which is growing at a tremendous pace in the United States and is starting to make significant inroads in the rest of the world,” Scannavini said.

Home Skin Lab will become available in the U.S. and Europe in September.

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