Corazonas launches the first-ever cholesterol-lowering potato chip

LOS ANGELES Corazonas Foods is transforming the classic potato chip into a heart-healthy snack with this month’s launch of the first and only cholesterol-lowering Corazonas Hearth-Healthy Potato Chips.

Using patented technology that infuses cholesterol-lowering plant sterols into the chips makes Corazonas’ Heart-Healthy Potato Chips the first chip clinically proven to reduce LDL cholesterol by up to 15 percent—all without sacrificing the taste and crunch of the classic potato chip. Additionally, the chips contain 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips.

Available in five flavors—slightly salted, Mediterranean garlic and herb, Italiano four cheese, Pacific Rim BBQ and spicy Rio Habanero—the all-natural, trans fat-free chips will retail for a suggested $2.99 for a six-ounce package.

The addition of the potato chip line expands Corazonas Foods’ portfolio of heart-healthy snack products, including Corazonas Heart-Healthy Tortilla Chips. The company, committed to combating heart disease, offers recipes and information on managing heart health on its Web site at

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