Consumers taking to take-home test kits

The variety of take-home test kits being offered through pharmacies is expected to continute to grow.

More and more, there is a new niche being carved out of the take-home test kits being offered through pharmacy. It used to be only pregnancy and ovulation test kits that were available in that space. Now there is a plethora of offerings, including tests for drug abuse, screenings for such conditions as high cholesterol, paternity tests and tests for sexually transmitted diseases. And the space is expected to continue to grow. “We see four key drivers of this trend,” said Steve Smith, Identigene director of marketing.

A shortage of family care physicians, the growing number of patients without insurance and people without enough insurance are funneling patients toward legitimate, yet less expensive, diagnostic options. Add to that the growth of retail clinics, which is contributing to increased awareness that diagnostic options are available through the local pharmacy. “Consumers are becoming more comfortable purchasing all manner of healthcare products in pharmacies,” Smith said.

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