Consumers seek healthier snacking options

Marketers play up healthy attributes of snack foods

ROCKVILLE, Md. — While snacking has become increasingly popular among Americans, often even replacing regular meals, many companies also have been developing salty snack foods that are healthier, according to a new study.

In a report titled "Salty Snacks in the U.S.," market research firm Packaged Facts found that 50 million consumers who often snack between meals consider salted snacks their favorite, while 90% of households reporting eating salty snacks in the past 30 days.

But the development of healthier snack foods is what underpins their success, resulting in a cadre of 14 million "healthy" eaters of salty snack foods who exercise often, seek out foods with healthy ingredients and don't see a conflict between craving snacks and pursuing a healthy diet.

Many companies have changed the labeling of their products to emphasize foods made with fruits and nuts, as well as such attributes as "vegan," "organic," "non-GMO" and more subjective labels, such as "local," "pure," "natural" and "allergy-friendly."


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