Consumers make a move toward fresh breath

Consumers’ desire for convenient, value-added solutions — not to mention their battle with more oral care issues as they age or take certain prescribed medications — likely has been the catalyst for the strong growth in 
portable oral care products.

Portable dry mouth treatments — such as Quantum OraMoist, which is a tablet-size dry mouth moisturizer patch, and Biotene — have seen significant sales growth during the 12 weeks ended April 17, according to data from SymphonyIRI Group. This isn’t exactly surprising, given that as Americans age and take more medications, oral health conditions also will rise. Studies have shown that up to 400 medications — prescription and OTC — can contribute to dry mouth.

Products designed to help freshen breath, such as Dr. Katz’ TheraBreath, which battles halitosis, and Evoraplus, which is a probiotic mint aimed at supporting gum and tooth health while freshening breath and whitening teeth, also have experienced significant growth. Obviously people desire fresh breath, but the strong growth of such products could be linked back to dry mouth, or xerostomia. A symptom of xerostomia 
is bad breath.


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