ConnectivHealth launches personalized online bookmarking service

NASHVILLE, Tenn. ConnectivHealth has launched a new bookmarking service to help doctors, physicians assistants and nurses organize and store their favorite online articles, blog postings, podcasts and videos onto a personal home page, according to the

The service, PeerClip, was developed when the company realized that most information that doctors read is found online. Scott McQuigg, the chief executive officer of ConnectivHealth said, “The fact that all of this information is moving online was the genesis for PeerClip. It’s what we call a closed community for doctors—information (is) placed into PeerClip … only by other physicians. Once they find something that’s relevant … PeerClip is the tool they use to bookmark that piece of content.

One of the values of PeerClip is it provides a window into what your peers are reading. There’s a functionality that understands what your profile is, what sort of articles you bookmark and (it) recommends articles placed in PeerClip by other physicians that might be relevant to that user. With PeerClip, we’re saying that physicians who read this article also found these other articles (valuable). PeerClip is free to physicians. As we build a critical mass of physicians using PeerClip, we feel there are several revenue opportunities that will begin to unfold for us.”

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