Condition management drives purchasing in store aisles among diabetics

According to an October 2013 poll of more than 500 AccentHealth viewers with diabetes or a family history of diabetes, regular visits to the doctor, keeping a strict fitness routine and dieting are perceived to be the most important elements in managing and preventing diabetes. Interestingly, visiting the doctor is the most adhered-to step to living a healthy life among respondents (78%).

Among diabetes sufferers and those with a diabetic in their household, the critical role of the physician in condition management is most visible:

•    8-in-10 indicate their doctor is very or somewhat involved in their/their household member’s diabetes management; and

•    Half report their doctor is their primary source for condition info — 43% more than those using the second-most common source, health-related websites.

Focus on diabetes prevention and treatment is also evidenced in the grocery and drug store aisles where product selection is driven by condition awareness:

•    9-in-10 diabetics/diabetes household members purchase products to manage their diabetes/sugar levels; and

•    7-in-10 look for specific food product labels when shopping, most notably sugar-free/ low-sugar foods (71%), low-carb foods (49%) and vitamins/supplements (49%).

Among sufferers and those with a diabetic in the household, 80% look for new ways to manage their diabetes. Similarly, 71% report they would be interested in weight-loss programs geared toward their condition, with 50% of current dieters indicating their weight-loss program/diet was recommended by their physician.

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