Competitive Promotion Report releases briefing on taking on big data

Company touts analytics services

MARIETTA, Ga. — Competitive Promotion Report is hoping to help consumer packaged goods manufacturers parse large and complex data sets in a new report.

CPR announced Wednesday the release of a business brief, "How Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers Can Unlock Big Data," explaining the types of data available to the CPG industry and a description of the company's advanced analytics system, Integrated Data Management. CPG manufacturers in the health, beauty and wellness industry often receive data from a variety of sources. The brief is available on CPR's website.

"Although managing big data is daunting, manufacturers have to address it sooner rather than later," CPR president and CEO Glen Davis said. "We have a proven process and approach to gathering disparate data and turning it into market intelligence so companies can make better-informed decisions."

The brief also provides information on how CPR Consulting Group can provide manufacturers with analytics or support in-house analysts. Organizations lacking the resources to contend with disparate data sources can minimize start-up costs and save time by partnering with the company, it said, touting its knowledge of the health, beauty and wellness industry.

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