Competitive Promotion Report introduces advanced big data analytics tool

MARIETTA, Ga. — Competitive Promotion Report on Monday introduced a new advanced big data analytics tool, Integrated Data Management, that provides insights which syndicated sales data alone cannot.

“IDM will give our clients a competitive advantage with a view of how marketing tactics are impacting sales and profits so they can adjust accordingly," stated Glen Davis, CPR president and CEO. "This knowledge can give manufacturers an edge and solves the widespread challenge of making sense of some of the big data they are amassing.”

CPR combines a client’s licensed syndicated data and cost of goods sold information with CPR’s proprietary trade pricing and promotions data to offer a view into how changes in the marketing mix impact market share, margins, sales and profits. "While syndicated data can provide a point-in-time snapshot of how a product is faring in the marketplace, the combination of robust data in IDM provides a view of the marketplace [to which] manufacturers don’t otherwise have access," the company stated. "The advanced analytics generated from IDM can be used to develop strategies that improve a brand’s competitive positioning and enhance its promotional effectiveness and profitability while facilitating more agile decision-making."



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