Commerical Bakeries partners with Ganeden to develop probiotic cookies

TORONTO Commercial Bakeries, manufacturer of private label cookie products in the United States and Canada, on Wednesday announced a partnership with Ganeden Biotech on the development of a variety of probiotic-enhanced cookie products.

“For the first time, we have the ability to produce baked goods with the added benefit of powerful, health-promoting probiotics,” said Phillip Fusco, vice president of Commercial Bakeries Corp. “Probiotics aren’t limited to the yogurt section any longer.”

“The ability to bake cookies and other products with probiotics is something that was unheard of until recently,” said Mike Bush, vice president for business development for Ganeden Biotech.

Ganeden Biotech’s patented probiotic, GanedenBC30, is the only commercially available probiotic strain that can survive baking and other manufacturing processes, Ganeden asserted. The ability of the probiotic strain to survive harsh manufacturing conditions makes it ideal for inclusion in shelf-stable, baked good products, such as cookies.

Commercial Bakeries Corp. produces an assortment of cookie varieties, including sandwich cream, wire cut and rotary cookies, for private labels in the United States and Canada.

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