Comfort Now releases personal use heating products

BURLINGTON, Ontario Comfort Now recently announced the release of three new pain relief solutions to its line of instant heat therapy products—the Amazing Heat Pack for Neck Pain, Knee Pain and Arthritic Pain.

Comfort Now expanded The Amazing Heat Pack line in response to high-demand from pharmacies, supermarkets and general stores to carry the world's only portable moist heat therapy. Each specially-shaped pouch activates in 15 seconds, stays heated for 45 minutes and is reusable for over 100 times, a factor that may hold appeal to today’s more value-conscious consumer.

“Space is at a premium on retail shelves, and we wanted to bring a heat pack to market that is different from any other product out there,” stated Dawn Conner, vice president of sales and chief marketing officer for Comfort Now.

The heat pack contains a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate that crystallizes when activated by flexing a ferrous metal disc inside the pack. For reuse, customers need to re-dissolve the sodium acetate by boiling the pack for up to 15 minutes.

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