Combining asthma meds effective at reducing attacks

NEW YORK — Data from more than 60 asthma drug trials revealed that patients will likely benefit from combining medications, according to a report from Reuters.

“There were some things we expected beforehand, like that oral therapies would be inferior to inhaled steroids, but asthma is a very individual disease and some patients will not experience any symptoms, and other patients will suffer a lot from the symptoms,” lead author Dr. Rik Loijmans, from the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam, was quoted as saying.

Successfully treating asthma means taking medications that works fast as well as one that curbs swelling, Dr. Loijmans told Reuters. The researchers compared 15 different drug combinations to one another and to a treatment plan using just a low dose of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids. 

The combination of "inhaled corticosteroids with LABAs — either as two separate drugs, or in a fixed dose delivered together," proved to be the most effective at reducing the number of asthma attacks that patients experienced, according to the results that were published in British medical journal, BMJ. 


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