Collectibles hot for holidays

trading cards

Mini collectibles and collectible trading cards are hot segments in the toy market. They are “on point with what kids want, aren’t expensive and keep kids coming back,” according to Adrienne Appell, a representative for the Toy Industry Association.

Spin Master’s Zoobles, Lego’s Ninjago trading cards and Spin Master’s Redakai trading cards are some of the hottest collectibles this season. Cepia’s Zhu Zhu franchise was a winner for the drug channel last year and continues to appeal to kids with the brand’s new Zhu Zhu Babies mini-collectibles line extension this season.

Apps are having a big influence on the toy category. Appell said that products that start out as apps and move to toys, such as Angry Birds, are having an impact on licensed products. Also gaining traction are “social” or interactive app toys. Products under $20 that can interact digitally with an iPad also will become more prevalent.

Board games, which have been updated with “all play” 
features and shorter play times, continue to be a strong toy segment. Think Fun 
and I Can Do That have fresh entries at price points that are under $20.

Arts and crafts have proven to be a recession-proof segment. Evergreen licensed products, from Dora and Disney Princesses to Cars, give the segment a lift. The segment does well in the drug channel when parents are looking for “self-contained toys for travel or on-the-go 
occasions” Appell said.

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