Colgate expands oral care portfolio with new Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

NEW YORK — In an effort to bring faster relief to the millions of consumers who suffer from tooth sensitivity, Colgate-Palmolive has developed the new Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste.

“Sensitivity is more than just an inconvenience, it’s a common condition that can cause unwanted pain,” said William DeVizio, VP global technology for Colgate-Palmolive. “New Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste is clinically proven to deliver faster and long-lasting sensitivity relief versus a leading sensitive toothpaste. 2 Its proprietary formula penetrates to the source of pain, the nerve, to soothe the pain faster, shielding the nerve to prevent the pain from coming back.”

Tooth sensitivity is an oral condition that affects up to 57% of consumers worldwide, the manufacturer stated. Cold air, a hot drink or a sweet dessert can trigger acute sensitivity pain. Likewise, the touch of a dental instrument can make routine dental visits unbearable. This discomfort may lead sensitivity sufferers to avoid regular checkups.

“Building on the success of its companion in-office professional product, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste offers an innovative approach to treating tooth sensitivity and will help consumers control their tooth sensitivity and live life to the fullest,” said Nigel Burton, president of global oral care for Colgate-Palmolive.

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