Coke Zero becomes Coke ‘0-0-7’ for James Bond promotion

LONDON Coca-Cola Great Britain is briefly changing the name and image of Coke Zero to Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7 for a promotional partnership with with Sony Entertainment to bolster the hype of the latest James Bond film, “Quantum of Solace.”

Additionally, the bottles of the beverage will be revamped to feature photos of leading actor Daniel Craig, the Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7 and ‘0-0-7’ logo.

Coca-Cola Great Britain’s brand director, Bobby Brittain, said in a news release, “We’re delighted to be involved in this exciting project. The new edgier Bond persona is the ultimate embodiment of the Coke Zero brand personality, and is expected to deepen the brand’s engagement with its core target audience of 20-something men.”

The Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7 package and bottle-redesign marketing campaign was the brainchild of Amsterdam-based Wieden & Kennedy. It will run globally for two months.

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