Coke to place calorie details on front of products

ATLANTA In an effort to help consumers control their calorie intake, Coca-Cola North America announced today it will be placing calories-per-serving and servings-per-container details on the front of all of their products’ packages beginning next year.

This is the same information that has always been available on the Nutrition Facts panel on the back of Coke, Sprite, Minute Maid, etc. However, now the facts are to be placed front-and-center, allowing consumers to quicklyview the information and make an informed decision about their daily total calorie intake.

“We listen to what consumers tell us they want, respond creatively and encourage everyone to make informed decisions about what they drink, choices that reflect a sense of balance and moderation,” said Celeste Bottorff, vice president of Living Well. “It’s part of our Live Positively philosophy.”

Coca-Cola’s labeling efforts mark another step in its “Live Positively” plan, a consumer-focused program that improves products and packaging in an environmentally friendly and healthy way.

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