Cochrane reports OTC cough-cold medicines show efficacy in adults

WASHINGTON Cochrane Collaboration, an independent, international not-for-profit that produces systematic reviews of healthcare interventions, on Tuesday released a review of existing data on the efficacy of oral over-the-counter cough medicines in children and adults.

“Consumers should continue to remain confident that their OTC cough remedies provide the same symptomatic relief as in past cold seasons,” stated Heinz Schneider, vice president, regulatory and scientific affairs for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association. “As the authors of this review indicate, common cold research is challenging—especially in younger populations. CHPA has presented positive efficacy data in adults to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has already begun to work with experts and FDA on methodologies for further research on the effects of medicines on common cold symptoms in children.”

While this review includes a limited number of OTC medicines available in the U.S., the majority of studies show statistically significant improvement in adult populations, the Cochrane Collaboration reported.

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