Coca-Cola to eliminate controversial ingredient

ATLANTA — Coca-Cola on Monday announced that it's eliminating brominated vegetable oil in its products after consumers reached out to express their objections to the ingredient, according to a report from the New York Times. Brominated vegetable oil contains bromine, an element that's also found in flame retardents. The company didn't list the products that contain bromine.

“Brominated vegetable oil is used in some of our beverages to improve the stability of our products, preventing certain ingredients from separating,” the company is quoted as saying. “All our beverages, including those with B.V.O., are safe and have always been — and comply with all regulations in the countries where they are sold.”

A petition, which garnered nearly 60,000 signatures, was started that called on Coca-Cola to eliminate brominated vegetable oil from Powerade. The company said it would replace the oil with sucrose acetate isobutyrate and glycerol ester of rosin. It plans to phase out the ingredient from all of its beverages by the end of the year.


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