Coca-Cola announces partnership with ExerciseTV

ATLANTA Coca-Cola North America on Friday announced it entered into a two-year agreement with ExerciseTV—the first on-demand network dedicated to 24-hour fitness programming—that highlights Coca-Cola’s broad beverage portfolio. The sponsorship relationship went into effect Tuesday.

“For more than 100 years, Coca-Cola has been working with a variety of organizations to encourage physical activity, fitness and overall well-being,” said Greg Downey, Group Director of Entertainment Marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “Our partnership with ExerciseTV is ideal because it clearly demonstrates how our broad portfolio of brands fits naturally into a balanced and active lifestyle.”

Coca-Cola and ExerciseTV will co-create original programming and integrate beverage brand messages, as well as include exclusive content for Among the co-created programming is the Enviga Calorie Burn Series that will start this spring.

ExerciseTV currently offers video-on-demand workouts in such categories as pilates, yoga, cardio and dancing

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