Coca-Cola announces arrival of first hybrid trucks in its fleet

ATLANTA In an effort to go green, Coca-Cola is adding five hybrid-electric trucks to its distribution center in New York, according to published reports.

Currently, Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Enterprises has two hybrid trucks in the Bronx facility, with three additional trucks scheduled for deployment in December. The five Bronx trucks represent the largest CCE hybrid-electric fleet of any city in the U.S.

Coca-Cola Enterprises said its Bronx sales center has a total of 90 trucks serving 8,700 customers in Manhattan and the Bronx, delivering more than 8 million cases of products annually. The hybrid-electric trucks use 32 percent less fuel than standard trucks and use technology to eliminate emissions when idling or in traffic.

The company also said it recently began installing an energy efficient lighting system at the Bronx facility.

Over the next year, another 120 hybrid-electric trucks are slated join Coca-Cola Enterprises’ fleet across the country.

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