Cobra's PhoneTag links valuables

LAS VEGAS — Cobra's Bluetooth tagging system, which links a smart phone to its user or other valuables, will make its debut here at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The Cobra PhoneTag, powered by Phone Halo Technology, is a two-way alarm and loss-prevention device that links the Android, BlackBerry or iPhone smart phone to its owner or his or her valuables.

By downloading the PhoneTag application to one's smart phone and attaching the PhoneTag device to an item that that needs protection (e.g., keys, purse, computer bag), the software monitors the distance between the phone and tagged items with a GPS location recording. If the items become separated, users are alerted immediately.

"Cobra PhoneTag tracks and connects any personal valuable to the Internet by harnessing the power of Bluetooth-enabled smart phones," said Sally Washlow, SVP marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics.
"The PhoneTag smartphone software application provides user definable customization and control."

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