Coaching legend Bobby Bowden talks diabetes on 'Sharing Miracles'

WASHINGTON "Sharing Miracles," a 30-minute public affairs television program that tells the compelling and inspirational stories of real patients, will share the story of a College Football Hall of Fame coach that is living with Type 2 diabetes.

Bobby Bowden, head coach for Florida State for more than 30 years, shares his story this month of almost being sidelined by the disease.

“Half the people in the United States who have diabetes don’t know it, because they feel fine like I did," Bowden said. "And if I hadn’t had the physical, then I wouldn’t know now, and I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself the way I do.

Bowden also shares how he keeps his diabetes in check.

"It’s not just my doctor," he said. "My wife helps me, my kids have helped me. Even my secretaries –– they won’t let me eat what I want! Honestly, I’m lucky; I get help from everybody who knows that I have diabetes."

"Sharing Miracles" airs on 325 television stations across the country.

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