Clorox launches stain-removal app

OAKLAND, Calif. Get ready for the latest stain-removal tips in real-time.

Clorox introduced myStain, a free downloadable stain-removal app and game available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with rollout for Android phones coming in June. MyStain offers tips to users that need stain-removal instructions fast, depending on where you are:

  • On the go: First, rinse the stain from the inside of the item with cold water. This prevents the stain from sinking deeper into the fabric. Do not use bar soap, which may cause the stain to set
  • At home: Once you get home, pretreat with Clorox bleach pen gel for whites or Clorox 2 stain fighter and color booster for colors, then soak in cool water for a few minutes.  Launder as usual with your favorite detergent on the hottest recommended water setting. Carefully inspect before machine drying.

The myStain app also includes an interactive game in which people can spin a wheel of stains and life situations to get funny stain-removal tips for all occasions.

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