Clorox kicks off 'Flushing' campaign

OAKLAND, Calif. Clorox has partnered with actress and host Niecy Nash and the World Toilet Organization to launch Flushing for a Cause, a campaign to help increase awareness of those with access to "flushing" and those without.

Nash will launch the campaign Wednesday with an event at Grand Central Station where she will help distribute free subway passes to commuters heading to and from Flushing, N.Y. For every commuter ticket distributed, Clorox will contribute a like-for-like subway fare donation to the WTO, providing approximately 10,000 free rides and a donation of $22,500.

"We are celebrating everything about the toilet, including highlighting the basic human right to have one," said Alice Warren, brand manager for the Clorox family of toilet products. "When we learned that 2.6 billion people worldwide didn't even have access to a toilet and that people die of water-borne disease each year, we knew we had to fight for people's right to potty. We are honored to have Niecy and the World Toilet Organization as partners in raising awareness of this important issue."

"I am joining Clorox toilets and the World Toilet Organization because as a mother of three, it is shocking to me that every day water-related diseases claim the lives of 5,000 children under the age of 5. By using a little humor and giving free rides to Flushing, we can help remove the taboo of the toilet and do something to help change this," Nash said.

The WTO is a global, nonprofit organization committed to bringing health and dignity to everyone through clean toilets and sanitation. The WTO works to advance sanitation through advocacy for the "toiletless," through sanitation education and training, and through building capacity within communities in need to construct, sell and install safe, affordable latrines.

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