Clorox develops environmentally-friendly cold-water bleach

OAKLAND, Calif. Following the trend of being environmentally friendly, the Clorox Co. revealed its new Clorox Plus Coldwater Bleach to the public, promising the same cleaning results while conserving energy as well.

“The problem is that most detergents don’t perform as well in cooler temperatures,” Harold Baker, associate researcher for Clorox who helped develop the new “laundry technology,” stated. “We have found that you need an extra boost.” According to Baker, the Clorox Plus Coldwater Bleach is formulated to keep whites just as clean and stain-free as Clorox’s original formula.

Using cold water, as opposed to hot water, saves up to 14 percent of energy bills, according to published reports. Also, based on national average heating costs, households do an estimated seven loads of wash per week. If a household were to switch from hot to cold water, it could help save more than $60 per year, which adds to about a $6 billion savings for the whole country.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 80 percent of the energy used to wash clothes comes from heating the water. The invention of the Clorox Plus Coldwater Bleach can cut that use of energy by using coldwater instead. The bleach can be seen for consumers as a small step for them to aid in a bigger cause, and can be helpful in saving money as well. More information can be found at

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