Clipix launches new Web service to help simplify information aggregation

FORT LEE, N.J. — Clipix, a new free Web service launched last month, combines online bookmarking with file sharing and organization into one tool. Users now have a single service solution for saving Web content, uploading and sharing photos, and organizing documents all in one completely private or shareable space. Users can go to, drag and drop a "clip" button onto their browser bar, and then click whenever they find an item that they want to reference later. Clipix is accessible online and as a cross-mobile application on iPhone and Android devices. 

"Clipix is more than a page fold on the Internet. It was created as a tool to organize the hundreds of pieces of digital content we each collect, interact with and want to reference on a daily basis," stated Clipix founder Oded Berkowitz. "It's just as useful to the Web surfer who wants to organize his funny videos into clipboards as it is to a team of professionals collaborating on a project via Syncboards."

Clipix allows users to clip items into existing clipboards — such as "Articles I Want to Read" or "Vacation Ideas" — and if the item does not fit into an existing category, users can create a new customized clipboard. 

And there are no legal concerns, according to the company. "Clipix has taken proactive steps to ensure users' online safety when clipping content from the Web and protecting image owners' copyrights," the company stated. 

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