Clif introduces reformulated shot energy gel

EMERYVILLE, Calif. Clif Bar on Thursday announced the introduction of a revamped Clif Shot energy gel, a line of all-natural and organic energy gels with a formula that emphasizes effectiveness, taste and consistency in easy-to-use packaging.


The new energy gels contain up to 50% more electrolytes than its previous recipe. For fast-acting energy, the new gel combines two carbohydrate sources that work together efficiently — organic maltodextrin and organic evaporated cane juice — to deliver energy to the bloodstream in five minutes or less.



“When athletes are at a critical stage in training or racing, there’s a big difference between nutrients they absolutely need to keep their bodies working optimally, and additives that just get in the way,” stated Chris Randall, Clif Shot brand manager. New, streamlined packaging features rounded corners for carrying convenience and a smaller opening for easier eating. The packets also feature a patented Litter Leash to keep the torn-off tops from littering trails and roads.



As before, Clif Shot energy gel provides more caffeine options for customized intake than any other brand, ranging from no caffeine to flavors with 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg — the highest caffeine level of any energy gel, according to the company. The caffeine is derived from all-natural green tea extract, which has been found to improve endurance capacity, Clif Bar claimed, citing a study in the American Journal of Physiology.


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