Clif expands line with Builder's Max protein bar

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — Clif Bar and Company announced today the launch of a new protein bar to expand the company's offering to 10, 20 and 30 g protein bars.

Clif Builder's Max is a new 30 g protein bar made with TriBuild protein, a proprietary blend of whey, soy and casein, and is specifically crafted to support muscle growth and recovery. Max contains both fast-absorbing proteins that go to work quickly to promote muscle growth as well as proteins that take longer to absorb, which can help extend the muscle growth window. Clif Builder's protein bars also boast no artificial sweeteners, trans fat or ingredients sourced from GMOs.

“Clif Builder’s is committed to offering great-tasting products that align with the needs of athletes and active people through every last rep, squat and sprint,” said Shirin Belur, Clif Builder’s brand manager. “The introduction of Builder’s Max gives people another option to help customize their protein intake based on the day’s activities and the demands of the workout.”

Builder’s Max is available in three flavors: Caramel Peanut, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Mint Chocolate Chip.

CLIF Builder’s offers three bars in an assortment of flavors and with varying protein levels:

  • Builder’s Snack Size for lighter workouts or rest days (10 grams of protein);

  • Builder’s for everyday workouts (20 grams of protein);

  • Builder’s Max with TriBuild protein blend to support muscle growth and recovery after the toughest workouts (30 grams of protein).

Builder's Max is available at retailers nationwide with a suggested retail price of $2.69.

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