Clif Bar launches workplace contest behind Luna bar

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — Clif Bar on Wednesday introduced an interactive contest under its Luna brand, the "Whole Nutrition Bar for Women," which will reward Luna vending machines to winning participants at their workplace. 

“We’re flipping the typical perception of vending machine snack food on its head,” stated Rosa Compean, Luna brand director. “Luna is encouraging women to feed their strength and that starts by making healthier choices that add to their overall workplace wellness.”

The contest will be open from May 1 through June 30. Two winners of the “Feed Your Strength…at Work!” contest will be awarded the opportunity to host a Luna vending machine at their place of employment, filled with complimentary Luna bars and featuring a touch screen display that gives nutrition tips and guidance on snacking positively throughout the day, as well as six consultation sessions led by registered dietitian and nutrition strategist for Luna, Tara DelloIacono Thies.

“Often when hunger strikes, women grab for whatever is convenient with little consideration for its nutritional value,” DelloIacono Thies said. “Packed schedules and stress at the office can lead to a pattern of making impulsive and unhealthy nutritional choices. By carving out a few minutes for a proper break — and a nutritious snack — women can maintain energy levels to get them through their busy days in a more positive manner.”

“Feed Your Strength…at Work!” is a part of Luna's larger Feed Your Strength campaign which kicked off earlier this year with the Luna webisode series, “Debunking the Diet” which tackles common diet myths and provides women with sound, relatable nutrition advice. 

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