Clif Bar adds two flavors to its Luna Protein line

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — Clif Bar on Tuesday announced two new flavors to its Luna Protein line — lemon vanilla and chocolate coconut almond. Lemon vanilla is the first Luna Protein bar without a chocolate coating.

“We realize that women are constantly on-the-go and may not have time to sit down and enjoy a protein-filled meal; they need a go-to snack that is nutritious and will keep them satiated,” said Tara DelloIacono-Thies, manager of nutrition strategy for Luna. “This is where Luna Protein comes in. We want women to have a nourishing and tasty option when they need it," she said. 


“The amount of protein women need depends on their activity level,” DelloIacono-Thies said. “I recommend women use the following basic formula to determine how much protein they should have each day to keep them going strong:"

  • Spends most the day sitting: Weight in pounds x 0.4 = grams of protein/day;
  • Physically demanding job and regularly active: Weight in pounds x 0.6 = grams of protein/day;
  • Competitive athlete: Weight in pounds x 0.75 = grams of protein/day.

The Luna Protein line first launched in 2010 to help women more easily fit protein into their diet. With Luna Protein Lemon Vanilla and Chocolate Coconut Almond, Luna continues its dedication to provide women with a wide array of snacks that have the nutrition they need in the flavors they crave.

The new Luna Protein bars will sell for a suggested retail price of $1.39.



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