Cirrus' ClearEars can relieve glue ear

COLD SPRING HARBOR, N.Y. Cirrus Healthcare Products recently announced the launch of ClearEars, earplugs that contain a polymer to draw water from the ears after water activities. Consumers with glue ear, a condition in which thick, sticky fluid collects behind the eardrum, discovered that ClearEars helps to alleviate this condition, the company said.


Glue ear is common in children but also may affect adults. Left untreated, glue ear can cause temporary hearing loss and may affect a child’s behavior and educational process. Adults with glue ear also find it difficult to use regular earplugs to reduce noise or for water protection while swimming. Consumers with glue ear have reported that soft and comfortable ClearEars may be used while sleeping to reduce noise and also alleviate the moist, sticky glue ear feeling.


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