CIGNA Healthcare adds MedBasics clinics to network

DALLAS CIGNA HealthCare has added MedBasics Family Health Centers to its network for those members in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and Little Rock, Ark.

The in-store clinics are located within Carnival Super Markets in Dallas-Fort Worth and inside USA Drug Stores in Little Rock.

“This agreement will provide CIGNA members with another option for convenient and quick treatment for routine medical conditions at a cost significantly less than a trip to an urgent care clinic or hospital emergency room,” stated Brian Jones, MedBasics chief executive officer. “We plan to continue to reach agreements with health insurance companies in order to make our services accessible and affordable for more individuals.”

CIGNA HealthCare was among the first health services companies to include retail clinics into its network, announcing the addition of MinuteClinic, RediClinic, Take Care Health Systems, Little Clinic and CIGNA Medical Group’s CMG CareToday clinics over the past two years.

“MedBasics Family Health Centers work well for the average American, always on the go,” stated Kenneth Phenow, market medical executive for CIGNA. “From the parent trying to get a child’s immunizations up to date while running between children’s many activities to the working adult trying to get a minor illness checked during a lunch hour, retail clinics offer an affordable, efficient and convenient option.”

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