Church & Dwight introduces two more First Response products

PRINCETON, N.J. Church & Dwight recently introduced two new products to the family planning diagnostics aisle—First Response Early Result Gold Digital Pregnancy Test and First Response Daily Ovulation Kit.

According to the company, the new digital pregnancy test kit is sensitive enough to give women accurate results five days before their missed period with an easy-to-read “Yes/No” answer. Unlike other digital tests on the market, this product has a proprietary gold technology that is so sensitive it actually detects two different forms of the pregnancy hormone including the variant that better predicts early pregnancy. Additionally, it offers a unique “test is working” indicator, which immediately confirms the test is ready for use.  The test also provides a “?” symbol if an error has occurred during testing and the test is unable to calculate a valid result. Two pregnancy sticks come in each box and the suggested retail price is $21.99.

The First Response Daily Ovulation Kit is the only premium ovulation product available with 20 tests for a one month supply of testing that’s offered at value-price position of $45.99. The test kit detects the Lh hormone—a hormone that is always present in urine and increases between 24 and 36 hours prior to ovulation. The presence of two similar visible pink lines shows that the LH surge is detected and therefore, a woman is at peak fertility in her cycle

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