Church & Dwight’s Trojan brand releases census on intimacy

Could frequency of intimacy findings be an indicator of condom purchases?

PRINCETON, N.J. — New findings released Tuesday as part of the Trojan U.S. Sex Census revealed the average adult has sex 120 times a year (2.3 times per week), with more people in the Northeast reporting having sex more than any other U.S. region, averaging 130 times per year (2.5 times per week).

The Midwest reported an average of 125 times per year (2.4 times per week), the West reported an average of 120 times per year (2.3 times per week) and the South reported an average of 114 times per year (2.1 times per week).

Researchers found residents of metropolitan centers, such as Los Angeles and Houston, are having the most sex per year: 135 times and 125 times, respectively, while residents of Philadelphia and Dallas have the least: 99 and 104 times each, respectively.

In addition, 43% of Northeasterners reported they were more likely to use a condom during sexual activity, the highest rate in the nation.

The Sex Census, commissioned by Church & Dwight, is based on two studies conducted by StrategyOne from March 15 to 21. The first, a national sample of 1,000 10-minute surveys, were conducted online among U.S. adults ages 18 years and older. The second is a study conducted online in 10 major U.S. cities among adults ages 18 years and older. The cities were New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; Philadelphia; Boston; San Francisco; Dallas/Ft. Worth; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; and Houston. A total of 2,000 10-minute surveys were conducted.

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