CHSU receives donation from Walgreens for pharmacy lab

CLOVIS, Calif. — California Health Sciences University on Wednesday announced that it received $75,000 from Walgreens in support of the institution's pharmacy practice laboratory.

The University's new "Walgreens Pharmacy Practice Lab" will provide pharmacy students with necessary training and will allow students to learn how to provide primary care in tandem with physicians to help alleviate the primary healthcare professional shortage in the region.

“CHSU College of Pharmacy students will learn how to perform physical assessments and will treat patients under the supervision of our faculty,” stated Dr. David Hawkins, dean of pharmacy. “Walgreens is one of the leaders in the industry in creating patient exam areas in their pharmacies and expanding the scope of pharmacists to meet healthcare provider shortages. We greatly appreciate the support from Walgreens, which will allow us to build five exam rooms and a patient waiting room in our Pharmacy Practice Lab, in addition to a compounding lab and sterile compounding lab, so our students will receive advanced training not typically provided at other pharmacy schools.”

CHSU is currently accepting applications for its Doctor of Pharmacy program, which is set to begin in August 2014. Construction of the new lab will begin next month, with a completion date set in early August before the start of classes.


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