CHPA praises Michigan legislature that would curb meth-related crimes

WASHINGTON — The Consumer Healthcare Products Association applauded the Michigan legislature, which seeks to address the state's methamphetamine problem by targeting meth criminals. The Michigan House and Senate passed a package of bills authored by Sen. John Proos as well as Reps. Amanda Price, Bob Genetski, and Aric Nesbitt that will equip law enforcement officials with tools to crack down on meth-related crime.

The legislation includes a meth offender block list and a measure that will broaden the criminal penalty for "smurfing," where individuals purchase pseudoephedrine-containing medicines on behalf of a meth cook.

"Michigan lawmakers scored a major victory last week by passing this comprehensive package of anti-meth bills," said Carlos Gutierrez, senior director and head of state government affairs for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association. "Leaders like Senator Proos and Representatives Price, Genetski and Nesbitt should be commended for sponsoring balanced policies that target criminals without burdening responsible law-abiding consumers. Moreover, these programs are proven to work. Other states that have adopted similar policies — such as a statewide meth offender registry — have seen drastic reductions in meth lab incidents since their inception. Oklahoma for example, saw a more than 50% reduction in the number of meth lab incidents just a year after passing a similar measure."


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