CHPA: Pennsylvania becomes state No. 29 to deploy NPLEx in battle against PSE diversion

WASHINGTON — The Consumer Healthcare Products Association on Wednesday applauded the Pennsylvania legislature and Gov. Tom Corbett for passage of House Bill 602, legislation requiring real-time, stop-sale technology to enable retailers to block illegal pseudoephedrine purchases at the point of sale.  

Sponsored by state Rep. Marguerite Quinn, R-Bucks, the Keystone state is the 29th state to utilize the National Precursor Log Exchange in its fight against the illegal diversion of cold and allergy medicines containing PSE to manufacture methamphetamine.

“While the vast majority of consumers purchase cold and allergy medicines legally, some criminals attempt to obtain illegal quantities of pseudoephedrine in order to manufacture methamphetamine,” stated Scott Melville, president and CEO, CHPA. ”NPLEx gives retailers the power to block these illegal purchases at the register before they happen, giving communities and Pennsylvania law enforcement a new and critical tool in stopping the illegal sale of these medicines to criminals.”

NPLEx provides a secure, interconnected electronic logbook system that tracks and logs each PSE sale in every store at the precise moment it is happening. When a purchase is made, the system advises retailers when to refuse a sale based on an individual’s purchase record elsewhere in the state, and is the only system that can block the illegal sale in real-time and across state lines.


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