CHPA: Arizona passes DXM age-restriction law

WASHINGTON — The Consumer Healthcare Products Association on Wednesday commended Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for signing HB 2086 in to law. H.B. 2086, sponsored by Representative Heather Carter, prohibits minors from purchasing over-the-counter cough medicines containing dextromethorphan without a prescription.

“The makers of over-the-counter medicines want to thank Governor Brewer, Representative Carter, and the Arizona legislature for taking a major step to address teen cough medicine abuse,” stated CHPA president and CEO Scott Melville. 

“The bill addresses the key issue of access — without access to these drugs — we can reduce the number of teens abusing these medicines," Carter said. "Our goal is to provide parents with the resources to keep their families safe and to raise awareness among other community stakeholders. We hope this accomplishment in Arizona will help generate further support for a national law.” 

Upon enactment of this bill, Arizona will be the fifth state to place an age-18 restriction on DXM sales. Louisiana and New Jersey are currently exploring similar legislation.


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